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It is difficult to hear as a parent or caregiver that your child may have been abused. Our goal at the Warren County CAC is to always be mindful of the safety and health of our children and families at the forefront of the investigative process.

In recognizing the stress that comes with such traumatic news, we’ve put in place a process we feel not only helps put the child at ease, but also assures family members we are doing everything we can to bring alleged abusers to justice.

If You Suspect Abuse

If you suspect that a child has experienced physical or sexual abuse, or neglect, report it as soon as possible.

Before the Interview

If you are referred to the WC-CAC, our staff will walk you through the interview process, answer any questions you may have, and schedule a time for you to bring your child to our center.

The Day of the Interview

Children and their caregivers will be welcomed to the WC-CAC by our friendly and caring staff.

After the Interview

At the WC-CAC we don't just say "it takes a village," we mean it. We realize that the process of healing lasts a lifetime. Our pledge to our families is to be here for that lifetime.

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