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Melissa is Tiger’s primary handler and together they conduct the majority of the forensic interviews here in Warren County.  When Tiger is not working at the WCCAC, he is available to accompany children to court and attend MDT meetings and trainings. He enjoys visiting children and adults in the community, and can often be found playing at the dog park.

Bringing Tiger to the WCCAC was truly a community effort. Many thanks to Hooktown Holidays who were instrumental in raising the funds for the facility dog program, the White Cane Foundation, Inc. who helped match us with Tiger, and to everyone in community who graciously donated to, and supported the project. Tiger is such a great addition to the CAC - we can't imagine not having him here!

You can follow Tiger on Facebook at @WCCACTiger's Tales.

Meet Tiger

WCCAC Facility Dog

Tiger joined the WCCAC team in August of 2021 as our Facility Dog. He was trained by Freedom Guide Dogs, Inc., members of the International Guide Dog Federation. A facility dog is a graduate of an accredited assistance dog school that assists a professional in his/her work. Tiger is the first Facility Dog in Warren County.


Many times a child that comes to the Warren County CAC for services is anxious and scared. The presence of an engaging professionally trained facility dog can be an important part of creating a sense of safety and security for children and their families. Facility dogs that work in a CAC can provide a sense of calm, security and non-judgmental support. 

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