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Our Center

What We Do

Years of hard work, planning, and community dedication were realized in July of 2018 when the Warren County Children's Advocacy Center (WC-CAC) first opened its doors. The opening of the WC-CAC was made possible by the early board members who had a vision to create a better childhood for ALL of Warren County's children. Their vision, and generous support from the community, allowed for the creation of a space dedicated to the CAC's guiding principles.

Together, with our community partners, the Warren County CAC believes:

  • Children come first. They are the experts on their lives and their experiences. They matter.

  • Protecting children in our community "takes a village." We rely on our community partners, and each other,  to provide trauma-informed collaboration and care to all our children and their non-offending caregivers.

  • While the Warren County CAC helps to coordinate child abuse investigations, we strive to remain a neutral party, focused on the well-being of the child.

  • Prevention starts with awareness and education. It will take all of us to turn the tide in our community.


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