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After the Interview

What is the investigative process?

The Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) consists of a Children & Youth Services (CYS) caseworker, detective, prosecutor, mental health, healthcare, trained advocates, and a child forensic interviewer. All of these professionals are sensitive to the difficult and confusing time that you and your child may be experiencing.


The CYS caseworker must assess the safety and protection of your child.


The detective is from the location where the alleged incident occurred. They, along with the prosecutor, will determine if a crime has been committed and what other investigative steps must be taken.


The victim advocate will be your link to the court system, if and when criminal action is taken.


Together, the victim advocate and the WC-CAC will be your link to resources within your community. They will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the process.


The MDT's overall goal is to complete the investigation in a child friendly, timely and professional matter.

What about mental health counseling?

At the Warren County Children’s Advocacy Center we believe that the most important part of
the reporting and investigation process is the welfare of the child. We understand that the process of this investigation can be confusing and frightening and we know that you, as the parent or caregiver, also want what is best for the child.

First and foremost is finding the right path for the emotional recovery for the child and family. The child will greatly benefit from a trained counselor who specializes in working with children. A child counselor will help the child process their experience to facilitate healing and to identify the meaning of healthy relationships.

For the parents or caregivers, dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events can be overwhelming. Ensuring that the child receives therapeutic assistance is only part of the answer. Parents and caregivers should also consider consulting with a therapist who  specializes in working with families affected by trauma.

Although a traumatic event may have happened to the child, other family members are also impacted. It is important for you, as the significant adult(s) in the child’s life, to be prepared to deal with your own emotions as well as the child’s emotions. A specially trained therapist will guide you with appropriate ways to discuss the event(s) and answer questions the child may have.

There are many skilled independent therapists throughout Warren County. If you opt to seek assistance from an independent practitioner, we recommend that you inquire about the therapists’ training and experience in dealing with trauma.

The WC-CAC, or the victim advocate, can provide you with resources in the community. The WC-CAC can assist with a referral.

If you have questions about the investigative process, please contact the assigned detective, or caseworker with Children & Youth Services.

What if I need additional advocacy services?

We recognize that often a family has additional needs or questions which arise after they have left WC-CAC. We can assist with questions you may have and help ensure you are aware of other community resources that may be helpful to you or your family.

If you do not understand what is happening during your investigation and/or you have not been able to communicate with investigators about your investigation, please contact us.

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