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The Day of the Interview

Arriving at the Interview

Once you arrive for the interview, you will meet with a CAC staff member to sign a consent form and a release of information form. They will also ask you about any health concerns you may have for your child.

You and your child will be offered the opportunity to tour the WC-CAC, including viewing the Interview Room.

During the Interview

While you remain in the Family Room, the information gathering will continue with a forensic interview between your child and someone trained in forensics, child development, and linguistics. A forensic interview is a neutral, non-leading, fact-finding, and age-appropriate process to gather information.


During the interview, the rest of the investigative team will observe via closed circuit from another room, reducing stress and eliminating the need for your child to be interviewed multiple times. The interview will be permanently recorded.

After the Interview

Once the interview is complete, the investigative team will meet briefly to discuss the next steps in the investigation and how they may best help you and your child.


You will then be invited to meet with the team to discuss the interview, next steps, and services you may need or want. In some instances, your child may be referred for a medical evaluation by a Pediatric Specialist.


The WC-CAC staff will follow-up before you leave with any additional questions you may have or services that you are interested in. You and your child may be asked to complete a brief survey prior to departing to help us improve the WC-CAC experience.

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