The Warren County CAC is located at 110A East Saint Clair Street in Warren. Free parking is available at the back of our building.  

Everyone arriving at the CAC must use the call button, identify themselves, and be buzzed in by our staff or an MDIT member. Video surveillance and audio monitoring is in use when an interview is scheduled. 

Our goal is to welcome you into a comfortable, friendly environment that is also completely safe and secure.

All children and non-offending family members will be treated with respect, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Upon your arrival, you'll be welcomed into our waiting area. You will be greeted by our staff, and members of our team.

A parent or guardian will be required to sign consent for the interview and the video recording of that interview.

You may also meet other members of our team, such as police officers, CYS staff, and someone from the District Attorney's office as they arrive.

At this time, you will also meet a service provider or advocate who will escort the family to a more appropriate room and discuss any concerns you have for your child and all services available to you in the community. 

While caregivers learn about local services, your child will be escorted to the interview room by an interviewer trained in forensic interview protocol and who also has experience working with children.

The focus and leader of the interview is the child.  Our interviewer will not present himself/herself as an authority figure, but simply as someone to talk to and get to know.   

We strive to communicate and interact in age-appropriate ways that allow children and teens to feel comfortable and safe. 

The interview is non-leading and conducted as a completely neutral, fact-finding interaction.  Our interviewer strives to simply have a conversation with the child.  Disclosures of abuse and other concerns should happen naturally. 

Following the interview, you may be invited to speak with members of our investigative team to discuss the interview and next steps.

Appropriate team members will keep non-offending parents and guardians informed as to a child's case throughout the investigation.

If counseling services, a medical exam, or other arrangements need to be made, the CAC will help to finalize those.

The CAC will gladly continue to serve as a central location for you to gather information about services available to you and your child.

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